Sunday, August 4, 2013

san francisco: a love letter.

dear san francisco,

five years ago you took me in. with no job and no direction, i started my journey above kitty's nails in the tender nob. i had no idea what i was doing or where i was going, but i trusted you, and was quickly enamored by your beauty, charm and wonderful weirdness. ready to discover a new life after college, i dove right in, and thus our love affair began. 

over the course of our relationship, you guided me and forced me to discover new things. i took risks. i met new people. i had many an interesting encounter with various bums. i opened myself up to a whole new world of opportunity. and, most importantly, i found out who i wanted to be. i never wanted to let you down, and as a result, had the best five years of my life, with the most amazing people, in the most incredible city in the world. 

it was you who introduced me to my love for running. because of you, i was constantly surrounded by a pack of pals who know how to have SO MUCH FUN and who will always have my back. you made me realize a big city can be oh so very small, but that isn't always a bad thing. and finally, you taught me how to trust and believe in myself. 

so, thank you san francisco. for taking a chance on a bright eyed, bushy tailed 22-year-old mess. i'll never take advantage of the important role you played in shaping who i am today, as i am forever grateful. i might be moving on to different things, but you will always have a special place in my heart. stay awesome. stay weird. stay hyphy. 


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  1. i love this. you should have thought about being a writer.. not a marketing/sales betch! :)