Monday, March 18, 2013

"star wars got me laid," said no one ever.

...until me. on my the eve of my birthday celebration.

as everyone knows, birthday sex is one of the most coveted experiences in life. it can either make or break what is already a tumultuous day of facing yet another year older. and what better way to cope but mixing two of my favorite things: sex and star wars.

pretty sure those two have never before been in the same sentence.

until now.

back to the night of the birthday party: lots of friends. a plethora of booze. and one very feisty neon boustier that was aching for some action. and thus, at 11:05 p.m. on that saturday night the following literary genius (with he who shall remain anonymous) was formed:

in spite of what it may seem by the address exchange, this lad happens to be a very good friend of mine (in fact, if you'd like to read more about our relationship, you can do so here). i just hadn't had the pleasure of seeing his new place yet. so, i walked up the stairs to an apartment i could only assume was the right one and headed in. i stumbled into the living room, since i had no idea where i was going (the copious amount of booze wasn't working in my favor either), and found his roommate sitting on the couch with an entire pizza to himself (my friends are classy).

after an awkward hello and happy birthday, his roommate pointed me in the right direction.

i knocked on the door. and was welcomed into a room lit by candles and my friend chillin' ever so casually in the middle of his king size bed.

"hellooooo there...."

...and happy birthday to me.

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